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Since 1953 Intervac has been leading the way so that you can find the perfect home exchange and enjoy your holidays stress-free

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Why Intervac Home Exchange

Home exchange simply means that you and your family agree with a family from a different area to live in each other's homes during your holiday. Swap your home and travel (just about) everywhere in the World. No money changes hands between the exchangers so you can have free accommodation!

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Intervac Home Exchange

What a way to travel! Intervac isn't just a company - but a way of life that our founders discovered and pioneered. Since 1953 we have been leading the way facilitating home exchange between families, singles and retired people. Within the organization our national representatives work together and beyond country borders to make sure that you find the perfect exchange partner and that your holidays are stress-free and fun. Watch the video to get a quick glimpse of what Intervac can offer.

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National Representatives

Our representatives from around the world are in your country and speak your language. That's service!

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